Luxury Photo Booth Rental for Mirror, 360, Enclosed, & Open Photo Booths

Base Price

$500 for 3 hour minimum
+$100 per additional hour

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lncluded Services

The following services are included with all 4 of our photo booth types:

Custom Design

Customize the text and colors of our wide selection of photo strip designs, created by professional graphic designers! Click here to view.

Unlimited Prints

Each guest will receive a photo strip printed from our Dye-Sublimation printer, which has 16x better quality than your typical Inkjet printer!

Canon DSLR Camera

We use a professional camera with a large lens to capture higher quality photos than the iPhone/iPad booths our competitors use!

Digital Copies

Your guests will be able to instantly receive digital copies, and we will email you all of them after your event!

Free Setup

Our attendant will arrive 2 hours early to set up, remain throughout, & stay 1 hour after to pack up.

Free Delivery*

There is no travel fee for events under 50 miles from our building in Redford, +$1/mile if over 50.

Photo Booth Types

We recommend setting aside a minimum of a 10’x10′ space for any of our 4 photo booth styles.

+$0 Open Photo Booth

  • Flexibility: Compared to traditional enclosed booths, open booths offer greater flexibility for shorter kids, for larger group photos, and for when you are working with limited space. 
  • Backdrop: This booth includes a free backdrop which comes in black velvet or white sequence.  The backdrop can be upgraded to our green screen, L.E.D. Cube or L.E.D. Backdrop!

+$100 Enclosed Photo Booth

  • Extra Monitor: There’s a monitor on the side of the booth that displays the photos as they are taken, to the amusement of the guests in line!  When the booth is not being used, it displays a 4×4 dynamic slideshow of all photos that were taken at your event so far.
  • Design: Consists of a textured acrylic shell, black metal outline, and black velvet curtain.  Unlike our competitor’s tent-like enclosed booths, ours is open at the top to provide ventilation, otherwise the lights and body heat will turn the booth into a sauna!

+$300 Mirror Photo Booth

  • What even is a Mirror Booth? It’s essentially a 5′ tall touch screen where the screen doubles as a mirror!  It’s a smart mirror which includes many features that open and enclosed booths do not.
  • Features: You can change your background, add SnapChat-like filters, add virtual props, and even play games! 
  • Design: Our Mirror Booth is unique with it’s multi-color LED outline and minimalistic modern frame (we’re personally not fans of the mirror booths with antique frames!)

+$300 360° Video Booth

  • Discount: Rent any of our 3 photo booths AND a 360 video booth to earn $100 OFF!  They produce different products that pair well together!!
  • Video Edits: Unlike most 360 booths, we edit our videos to speed up, slow down, rewind, and even add music!
  • Infinity L.E.D. Mirror: The base is an L.E.D. infinity mirror which has multiple color options to match your theme!  It can comfortably fit multiple people, many 360 booths can only fit 1-2!
  • Shared Folder: We will send you all of the videos, which you can send to your videographer to incorporate into your wedding video!! 

Optional Add Ons

We have too many options to fit into your typical 3 tier price structure, so we individually priced everything so you only pay for what you want!

$50 Props

Our wide selection of funny props will have your guests dying to try them on and get in the booth!


$25 Stick Props

Our stick props are perfect for your guests who don’t want to ruin their hair or makeup!

Stick Props

$100 Scrapbook

We will print an extra copy of each photo strip to place in the scrapbook and provide gel pens so your guests can write a little something above their photo.  We use inserts instead of glue/tape because it results in more even placement.  The scrapbook will be ready for you to take home by the end of your event!

$75 Green Screen

The green screen allows us to replace the background with any image(s) you can find on Google!  Each session will take 3 or 4 photos (depending on what photo strip design you select) so you can have 3 or 4 different background images, or you can use the same background for them all.

Green Screen

$100 L.E.D. Cube

For our Open Booth and Mirror Booth only!  This is a 9′ inflatable cube made out of high quality white Oxford cloth.  It lights up with 3 rows of hidden L.E.D. lights, which makes the whole cube take on the color of your choice!  This is a great option if you would like to add some privacy and fun to the open and mirror booths.

$50 ldle Hour

Save $50 by having us closed for an hour!  This is usually used to either have us closed during dinner/speeches, or to have us set up early.  We will be setting up during the 2 hours before we open, so if that noise/mess interferes with anything (especially if ceremony and reception are in the same room), then an idle hour can be used to have us complete setup an hour early.

Idle Hour