Photo Booth Rental Prices:

We find the typical 3 package price system to be a little confusing, especially when you have as many options as we do.  

Instead, we start with just 1 base package which you can customize in 4 simple steps:

  • Step #1: Choose your booth
  • Step #2: Choose your backdrop
  • Step #3: Choose your add-ons
  • Step #4: Choose when we’re open

$500 Base Package

Our $500 base package includes our Modern Photo Booth, Open Backdrop, & 3 Hours of uptime (more details below).

The following services are also included:


Custom Design

Choose from our wide selection of photo strip design templates- the text and colors can be customized.  You can view them all here!

lnstant Sharing

Your guests will be able to enter their phone number or email address to instantly receive a digital copy, in addition to their physical prints.

Digital Album

After your event, we’ll send you a link containing all of the photos that were taken, including both individual photos as well as photo strips.

Unlimited Prints

The booth will ask guests how many copies they want printed, the attendant can always reprint extras too!

Free Setup

Our attendant will arrive 1.5 hours early to set up, will remain throughout, & will be packed up 45 mins after closing.

Free Delivery*

No travel fee for events under 50 miles, otherwise +$1/mile.  We have offices in Novi & Holland, MI.


Before you get started, instantly check if we’re available:

Price Form (#3)

Step #1: Choose your Booth

The Modern Photo Booth is included in the base package, or you can upgrade it for an additional cost.  We have 3 types of booths:

  • (Included) Modern Photo Booth
  • +$100 Traditional Photo Booth
  • +$300 360° Video Booth

Modern Photo Booth

  • Price: Included in the base package
  • Backdrops: The ‘Open Backdrop’ is included, or upgrade to the ‘Curtain Enclosure’ or ‘Illuminated Cube’ for $100.  The ‘Outdoor Canopy’ is included for outdoor events.
  • Features: This is our recommended booth, it’s brand new as of 2023 and can be tilted down to fit shorter kids into the shot.  It has ring light, LED outline that slowly changes colors, an external flash, a Canon DSLR camera, a touchscreen, and a top-of-the-line printer.  
  • How it works: Guests tap the screen to start, enter in their email/number, take their photos, then select how many copies they want printed.

+$100 Traditional Photo Booth

  • Price: +$100 on top of the base package.
  • Backdrops: The backdrop is built in so there are no backdrop upgrades available.  This backdrop is enclosed and is made of black velvet curtains.     
  • Features: There’s a monitor on the side of the booth that displays the photos as they are taken, when the booth is not being used it displays a 4×4 dynamic slideshow of all photos taken so far.  This booth also comes with an external flash, a Canon DSLR camera, a touch screen, and a top of the line printer.  
  • How it works: Exactly the same as the Modern Photo Booth, guests tap the screen to start, enter in their email/number, take their photos, then select how many copies they want printed.

+$400 360° Video Booth

  • Price: +$400 on top of the base package.
  • Backdrop: The 360 Video Booth backdrop comes with 4 LED posts, the only available backdrop upgrade is the Illuminated Cube.
  • Features:  The videos are automatically edited to add slow motion, rewind, and fast-forward effects and even adds music to the background!  We can use any 10 seconds from any song you’d like.  You can see an example of the final product on our website.
  • How it works: Guests stand on the base, touch the screen to start, then do a little dance or pose as the robotic arm circles them taking a 10 sec video.  Then guests can scan a QR code or enter their email/number to instantly receive their video to their phone.


You could rent 2 booths and earn a $100 discount! 

We recommend renting both our Modern Photo Booth AND our 360 Video booth as they each provide guests with something different to take home (video sent to their phone vs physical & digital photo strip). 

So a 360 + modern booth with no upgrades would be $1300 ($500 + $500 + $400 – $100).

Step #2: Choose your Backdrop / Enclosure

The Open Backdrop is included in the base package, or you can upgrade it for an additional cost.  We have 4 types of backdrops:

  • (Included) Open Backdrop
  • +$100 White Curtain Enclosure 
  • +$300 LED Cube Enclosure
  • (Included) Outdoor Canopy

Open Backdrop

  • Price: Included in the base package.
  • Dimensions: The backdrop itself is 8ft wide and 7ft tall, the booths stands 6ft away.  
  • Description: The Open Backdrop only comes with white curtains.

+$100 Curtain Enclosure

  • Price: +$100 on top of the base package.
  • Dimensions: 8ft long x 4ft wide x 7ft tall
  • Description: This is a custom enclosure we designed ourselves!  The booth can go on the edge as shown in this photo, or it can go all the way inside the enclosure.  This is a great option if you prefer the privacy provided by enclosed booths.

+$100 llluminated Cube

  • Price: +$100 on top of the base package.
  • Dimensions: 10ft x 10ft x 10ft
  • Description: This Illuminated Cube is made of white oxford cloth and has sewn in LED light strips that are not directly visible, but light up the cube from the inside.  The lights change colors very slowly, or we can set it to one color to match your theme.

Outdoor Canopy

  • Price: Included in the base package for outdoor events, in place of the Open Backdrop.
  • Dimensions: 10ft x 10ft x 10ft
  • Description: Outdoor events pose unique challenges as we have to account for rain ruining our electronics, wind blowing around the curtains, and the sun whitewashing photos or casting shadows on guests.  To ensure top quality photos, we only offer our Modern Photo Booth with either this White Canopy or the Illuminated Cube for outdoor events.  Apologies for the stock photo, we’ll take a better one soon!

Step #3: Choose your Add-Ons

Add some fun to your event with these optional extras!

$50 Props

Our wide selection of funny props will have your guests dying to try them on and get in the booth!

$25 Stick Props

Our stick props are perfect for your guests who don’t want to ruin their hair or makeup!

Stick Props

$100 Scrapbook

We will print an extra copy of each photo strip to place in the scrapbook and provide gel pens so your guests can write a little something above their photo.  We use inserts instead of glue/tape because it results in more even placement, and is longer lasting.  The scrapbook will be ready for you to take home by the end of your event!

$100 Green Screen

The green screen allows us to replace the background with any image(s) you can find on Google!  You can use the same background image for each photo, or have a different image for each.  This is available for our Modern Photo Booth with the Open Backdrop, or the Traditional Enclosed Booth.

Green Screen

Step #4: Choose when we are open

  • The first 3 hours are included
  • +$100 per additional hour of uptime.
  • +$50 per Idle Hour, to save money for earlier setup or during dinner.
  • 1.5 hour setup and 45 minute packup are included.

Recap of Services

We know that was a lot of information, so here’s a recap:


    +$0 | Modern Photo Booth

+$100 | Traditional Photo Booth

+$300 | 360 Video Booth

 -$100 | Discount if you book 2 booths!



    +$0 | Open Backdrop

+$100 | Curtain Enclosure

+$100 | LED Cube Enclosure

    +$0 | Outdoor Canopy



  +$25 | Stick Props

  +$50 | Costume Props

+$100 | Greenscreen

+$100 | Scrapbook



    +$0 | 1.5 hour setup

    +$0 | first 3 hours of uptime

+$100 | per hour of uptime

  +$50 | per hour of idle time

    +$0 | 45 minute pack up

Booking Process

  1. Book using the button below, then you’ll receive a link to your booking page where you can complete the following steps.
  2. Pay the $200 security deposit to officially save your date, if you didn’t already when submitting your form.
  3. Fill out our short logistics form as best you can, we will follow up on any TBD answers.
  4. Select your photo strip design template, color, and text.
  5. Make your final payment roughly 2 weeks before your event