Packages are too complicated. We made our pricing modular so you only pay for what you want!

$30 Props

Our wide selection of funny props will have your guests dying to try them on and get in the booth!


$15 Stick Props

Our stick props are perfect for your guests who don’t want to ruin their hair or makeup!

Stick Props

$75 Simple Scrapbook

Our Simple Scrapbook comes with black and white paper and pens, but no decorations. Our scrapbooks double as a guest book will be ready for you to take home by the end of your event!

Basic Scrapbook

$125 Deluxe Scrapbook

Our Deluxe Scrapbook comes with paper and pens in the colors of your choice, as well as page decorations. Your event only lasts a day but the memories in this book will last a lifetime.

Deluxe Scrapbook

$25 Idle Hour

If you want us to be finished setting up early or closed during dinner, then our Idle Hour is a great way to save money!

Idle Hour

$50 Sharing Kiosk

Your guests can download their photo strips from our Gallery the next day, or they can have it emailed to them right on the spot!

Sharing Kiosk

$50 Red Carpet

Roll out the red carpet to be treated like the celebrity we know you are!

Red Carpet

$75 Green Screen

Change up the background each time with any pictures you want!

Green Screen