Learn about our two photo booths and how they compare to the competition!

Enclosed Photo Booth

This is not a pop-up tent with cheap plastic!  Our photo booth offers an aesthetically pleasing style with its black velvet curtain, black textured exterior, and black metallic outline.  The design of our photo booth isn’t just beautiful, it’s practical too!  As opposed to the tents and inflatable designs, our booth is open at the top to provide ventilation. Without proper ventilation the lights and body heat can turn your photo booth into a sauna!

Enclosed Photo Booth
Open Photo Booth

Open Photo Booth

Many of our competitor’s open booths are just an iPad on a stand!  Instead of a webcam, we use a Canon DSLR to ensure you get high definition photos.  This is an absolute must if you want to purchase enlarged photos or HD digital copies… a feature not many others offer (available on our Gallery page).  Our open photo booth is the same price as our enclosed photo booth and comes with a black velvet backdrop.

External Monitor

Another feature that not many other booths have is an external monitor.  This is a great way for those in line to take notes and have a good laugh as they wait!  The external monitor displays all the photos that were taken in a 4×4 slideshow.  When the booth is in use, it displays each photo as it is taken, and all 4 of them at the end.

External Monitor Single
External Monitor Slideshow
External Monitor All


Our filter options are perfect if you want to go for more of a vintage feel, or if you simply want to switch it up a bit!  When you walk into the photo booth, the filters will be displayed on the touch screen.  Simply touch one of the options to begin, and take your pictures in that filter!  The three filter options are color, black & white, and sepia.

Black and White
  • Printer

Believe it or not, we have heard stories of other companies that cut their photo strips by hand with scissors!  But that’s better than nothing, some companies save on costs by not even printing photos!  We believe a photo booth isn’t a photo booth unless your guests get to go home with a photo strip, so we offer unlimited prints at no extra charge.  And of course, our printer automatically cuts the photo strips by itself- allowing it to print two at a time so you get your photos twice as fast.  As soon as they pop out the bottom of the booth, they will be dry and ready to be picked up and admired!

  • Lighting

Lighting is the single most important factor in achieving high quality photos.  Our booth uses an external flash with a warm light diffuser to catch you in your best light.  Look out for booths that do not have a diffuser as their photos will be white washed.  Even reflectors like umbrellas use too harsh of lighting in our opinion, but that’s better than nothing… some booths don’t even have a flash!  It may look like they have a ring light, but it only provide ambient light, it does not flash.  This means you need to be up close or your photos will be too dark, making it difficult to fit all of your friends in for a group photo.